How can you keep your Apple devices and data safe? We asked the experts

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A woman on a beach looks at an iPhone X and unlocks it using Face ID.

It’s more important than ever to keep your devices safe and sound. Apple’s products are known for their rock-solid security, but that doesn’t mean they’re invulnerable – all it takes is one silly mistake to get infected. But what’s the best way to ensure everything remains free from malware and privacy invasions?

Well, we recently spoke to password manager company 1Password, and they offered up some advice on how to keep your Mac, iPhone and iPad safe. Here are their top tips.

Secure your passwords

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Given that 1Password is a password manager, it’s probably unsurprising that the first tip from Chief Product Officer Steve Won is how to strengthen them. “Always use strong, unique passwords – never reuse passwords,” he contends. The reason being if one account gets compromised and falls into the hands of a hacker, they won’t be able to use those details on any other account. In other words, your other logins are still safe.

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