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Apple once considered selling colored AirPods


Apple was considering making versions of its AirPods in different colors, with newly surfaced prototypes demonstrating the company’s thoughts.

The AirPods are known for being sold just in white, with no other color options available to choose from beyond the standard. It now appears that there was a possibility for there to be a choice early in the product’s life, but Apple decided against it.

In photographs released by Apple collector “@KostuamiSan” on Twitter, a version of the first-generation AirPods case was made using colors. Rather than just white, the outside casing of the charging case was one of a number of options.

That list of non-white colors said to be considered include Pink, Purple, Black, Blonde, and (Product)Red. This was apparently planned to match the colors of the iPhone 7.

The tweeter adds that the products were cancelled during the DVT (Design Validation Testing) or PVT (Product Validation Test) stages, phases that are quite late in the production process. If true, that would mean Apple got very close to launch before cancelling them.

The AirPods case isn’t the only non-colored item that Apple thought about adding color to. The tweeter has also shown off images of a colored version of the MagSafe Charger.

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