‘No Man’s Sky’ now available on Mac via Steam

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'No Man's Sky' now available on Mac via Steam

‘No Man’s Sky’ on Mac

No Man’s Sky has finally launched on Mac via Steam, and it has cross-save functionality from PC, cross-platform play, and runs on any Apple Silicon Mac.

Apple introduced Metal 3 and MetalFX during WWDC in 2022, and two games were set to take advantage of these systems: No Man’s Sky and “Resident Evil: Village.” While “Resident Evil: Village” launched in October 2022, No Man’s Sky remained absent, until now.

The game finally releases today, June 1, on Mac, and it has some surprises for existing PC players. Anyone who already owns the game in the PC version of Steam gets the Mac version for free.

Also, save data can freely migrate between the Mac and PC version. That means users can play No Man’s Sky on their dedicated gaming PC and then take it with them on their MacBook Pro.

All seven years of updates are included in the Mac version of “No Man’s Sky.” This is the full game with no compromises, thanks to Metal 3 and MetalFX.

If you haven’t heard of No Man’s Sky, it’s a procedurally generated universe filled with countless solar systems, planets, moons, and space stations waiting to be explored. Players can venture out and explore, build bases, and engage in the trade systems or focus on the main plot, which aims to take players on a journey to the center of the universe.

Cross-save and cross-play compatible

Cross-save and cross-play compatible

Since this is the same game that is found on other platforms, it is also cross-play compatible. Mac players can play alongside Xbox, Playstation, PC, and VR users without issue.

MetalFX Upscaling enables fast loading and consistent performance across all Apple Silicon Macs. It also ensures battery life is maintained while playing on MacBooks.

“We’ve worked closely with Apple to produce a version that feels at home on Mac,” a Hello Games press release stated. “This paves our way for an exciting future on Apple hardware.”

Compatibility and availability

Any Mac with an M-series processor can handle “No Man’s Sky.” Even the entry MacBook Air.

'No Man's Sky' available on Steam for Mac

‘No Man’s Sky’ available on Steam for Mac

Limited Intel compatibility is also available. The minimum specs for Intel Macs are an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, a Radeon Pro 570X 4GB Graphics Card, and 20GB of storage.

No Man’s Sky launches on Mac via Steam today, June 1. The game is expected to arrive on the Mac App Store “shortly.”

Hello Games states that players should expect future updates to release simultaneously on Mac going forward.

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