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You can now set up the Google Tasks Assistant migration

As previewed last September, Google Tasks is replacing Reminders and getting Assistant integration. Google is now more widely rolling out the ability to switch over and complete the migration.

Assistant Reminders are being fully replaced by Google Tasks, which is available as a dedicated mobile (Android + iOS) app and in the sidebar of Workspace websites, like Gmail, Drive, and Docs. This experience is more modern with support for creating different lists, starring, and attaching emails. 

Google Tasks is also fully integrated into Google Calendar, with the ability to create and see them alongside events. There will also be a shortcut in the Google app’s account menu. One more place you’re able to access reminders is on Moving forward, Tasks will be available in the upcoming Google Calendar for Wear OS app.

More importantly, you’ll be able to use “Hey Google” voice commands like “remind me to,” “set a reminder,” and other permutations to create reminders that are saved to Google Tasks.

You’ll be alerted about these Google Tasks reminders on all your devices like before, including on Smart Displays and speakers. 

This migration will let you move existing Reminders into Google Tasks, with the old list/experience and creation points no longer available afterwards. 

Some users have been able to migrate since March, but the transition is now going live for more users, especially in the US.

How to set-up

To set this up, creating any reminder in Google Assistant will show a “See reminders in Google Tasks” card at the top of the screen. Alternatively, visit directly.

“Start setup” will explain the transition and prompt you to move any existing Assistant Reminders, with the total noted, into Google Tasks. The company notes that “reminders created in Google Keep won’t be turned into tasks. You can still manage them in Keep.”

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