Apple just bought an AR headset startup that wants to push XR tech on workforces ahead of Vision Pro launch

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Need more evidence that Apple is developing a mixed reality headset? Look no further than Apple’s latest acquisition, an augmented reality headset startup. Wait, the headset is official now? That’ll take some getting used to – anyway. The Verge has the scoop.

Apple has acquired Mira, a Los Angeles-based AR startup that makes headsets for other companies and the US military, according to a post from the CEO’s private Instagram account yesterday seen by The Verge and a person familiar with the matter. Apple confirmed the acquisition.

Great use of Instagram! Regarding the news, Apple supplied its boilerplate statement that weirdly translates to mean yes, we bought a company.

Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.

That’s the one! So, Mira, huh? What does Apple want with this firm? There was reportedly an Apple connection prior to the purchase. The Verge reports that Jony Ive, yes, that Jony Ive, was at one point an advisor to Mira.

Mira produced what it called the Prism Pro, a hardware product used to present things like equipment directions through a headset display for hands-free access. Mira also held contracts with the US Air Force and Navy. The Verge says an Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the company’s plans for those military contracts, although no one expects Apple to uphold them.

There’s also a Mario Kart connection:

Another big Mira contract is with Nintendo World, which uses its headsets for the Mario Kart ride at its theme parks in Japan and LA’s Universal Studios. Mira’s headset displays virtual characters and items from the game to augment the ride as you progress through it.

Fun! As the report highlights, Mira’s vision included making “scalable augmented reality hardware + software solutions in the market- enabling frontline workforces,” and that’s something Apple could use as it pitches Vision Pro ($3,499) to the world ahead of its release in 2024.

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