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Download the new iOS 17 wallpaper right here

iOS 17 comes with new features, including more options for customizing the Lock Screen, improved iMessage and FaceTime, StandBy mode, interactive widgets, and NameDrop. But another thing added to the system is a new default wallpaper. And if you don’t want to wait for iOS 17 to get the new wallpaper, you can download it right here.

The new default wallpaper for iOS 17 is abstract with gradients in different shades of red, orange, pink, and blue. Unlike the iOS 16 wallpaper, which was only available in a light version, Apple has included both light and dark versions for this year’s wallpaper.

In addition to the new default wallpaper, Apple has added new dynamic wallpapers to iOS 17. However, since these are animated and real-time rendered versions, we were unable to extract them.

You can download the new iOS 17 wallpaper in its full resolution below. Be sure to click the image and save the full-resolution wallpaper, and then set it as your background image through the Photos app or Settings app if you’re using an iOS device.

It is worth noting that the image has the iPhone 14 Pro Max resolution, so it should fit perfectly on any other smaller iPhone.

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