YouTube Music planning more apps, including for Apple TV, Garmin

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YouTube Music planning more apps, including for Apple TV, Garmin

The most full-featured YouTube Music experience today is found on Android and iOS followed by the web. Google is now planning to release more YouTube Music apps and integrations for third-party devices.

According to a source familiar with the matter, YouTube Music is coming to more devices with another goal being to improve existing third-party experiences, like Sonos. 

There’s already YouTube Music on iPhone and iPad, while a “Music” experience lives inside the main YouTube for TV app (as seen below). Google is now planning a separate YouTube Music app for Apple TV that should allow for more direct access, starting with a dedicated app icon. We’re not clear if this will translate to Android TV, but hopefully it will be for consistency.

Another target for Google is supporting how the HomePod can play music from non-Apple Music services, like Pandora, that have taken the time to build out the media integration. Those third-party services can be set as the default for voice commands. This comes as Apple at WWDC announced Siri support for AirPlay on HomePod, with YouTube Music shown as a partner.

Meanwhile, on the wearable front, we’ve learned that a YouTube Music app for Garmin smartwatches is planned. The company makes rugged devices with applications available through the Connect IQ store that already has Spotify (shown below with downloads), Deezer, and Amazon Music. 

Hopefully, this means YouTube Music will soon update its old Apple Watch app with offline storage to match the upcoming Gaming app as well as Wear OS. (The Wear OS client could also benefit from the ability to act as a remote to control and play content on your Android phone.)

We’re told other wearable apps are also planned. Being available on more services will help boost the subscription service especially since most apps of this nature require Premium/paid access.

When reached for comment, Google had “nothing to share this time.”

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