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Final Cut Pro on Vision Pro will be supported at launch – filmmaker

A filmmaker says that Final Cut Pro on Vision Pro will be supported at launch – or rather, when the device goes on sale.

Matti Haapoja, who was given early access to the headset by Apple, says that it will allow editing using a mix of eye movements and gestures …

Haapoja, who has more than a million YouTube subscribers, said in a series of tweets that this will completely change filmmaking.

I just tried Apple Vision Pro and it’s gonna completely change filmmaking, storytelling and content creation. I’ve never experienced that sort of presence, feeling like I’m there in the scene.

They showed me places around the world that I had been to and it felt like I was reliving memories. One of them was being under water with a scuba diver who’s feeding sharks and I’ve done that and it felt soooo real being there again.

And editing in Final Cut Pro in AR will be available for launch. Editing with eyes and gestures. We freaking finally get to edit minority report styles.

I would pay sooooo much more money than $3499 to be able to relive important moments and experiences later in life. Absolutely mind blown.

He didn’t reveal whether this is using Vision Pro as an external monitor and input device for a Mac, or using a standalone visionOS version of Final Cut Pro.

iMore suggests the amount of storage required for FCP projects points to the Mac theory, but it seems to me more likely that Apple has adapted the recently launched iPad version of Final Cut for headset… sorry, spatial computing use.

If I’m right, it will likely carry over some or all of the biggest limitations of the iPad app. These include the fact that you have to copy the project into internal storage, rather than working on it from an external drive, which limits the size of projects you can work on.

Additionally, because the iPad version of FCP supports only a subset of features, you can’t start work on the Mac, continue it on the iPad while mobile, then resume work on the Mac. Once you’ve worked on it on the iPad, you have to complete the project there.

All the same, it does sound like editing in Final Cut Pro on Vision Pro would be quite an experience! I’d love to try it, even though the iPad version hasn’t tempted me because I don’t want my projects to get trapped there.

What’s your view? Could you see yourself editing in Final Cut Pro on Vision Pro? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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