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Hands-on: World's first modular charging ecosystem, Matrix by Alogic

Ever since Apple introduce MagSafe charging into the iPhone 12 lineup, there have been countless accessory companies trying to earn market share by creating MagSafe-compatible products. We have seen charging stations, power banks, wallets, stands, cases, iPhone holders and so much more. So in a market with so much saturation how does one differentiate themselves and stand out from the rest? This is where Alogic’s new Matrix Charging Ecosystem comes into play.

The Power of Modularity

The Matrix charging Ecosystem by Alogic is one of the most versatile charging stations on the market. The name of the game is all about modularity. The modularity allows you to decide, how to charge, where to charge, and even how many devices to charge.

The Matrix stands out from the crowd by offering a unique modular design that allows users to customize their charging experience. With Matrix, you have the power to connect your favorite devices with the features you love into a form factor that suits your requirements at each step of the day. This level of customization empowers consumers to co-design their ideal MagSafe-compatible wireless charger, giving them the freedom to choose how and where they charge their devices.

The Matrix lineup

The Matrix line-up features five wireless charging solutions that can be purchased individually ,or all together. They offer a range of options to suit different situations for different customers. These solutions include:

  1. Matrix 5000mAh Power Bank with Magnetic Wireless Charging: This portable power bank not only provides on-the-go charging for your devices but also supports MagSafe charging, making it a versatile solution for those constantly on the move.
  2. Matrix Magnetic Wireless Charger with Car Mount: This charging solution combines the convenience of MagSafe charging with a secure car mount, ensuring your devices stay charged, and also keeps your 5000mAh power bank ready to go.
  3. Matrix 2-in-1 Magnetic Charging Dock: Simplify your charging setup with this compact charging dock that supports both MagSage charging for your phone, provides a wireless charging pad for your headphones, and has an additional USB-C port for a 3rd wired charging device.
  4. Matrix 3-in-1 Magnetic Charging Dock with Apple Watch Charger: Designed for Apple users, this charging dock offers a seamless charging experience for your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch, all in one sleek and stylish package.
  5. Matrix USB-C Apple Watch Charger: This detachable charger is perfect for those who frequently travel and need a convenient way to charge their Apple Watch on the go. Its compact design allows for easy portability without compromising on functionality.

Endless Combinations

The true power of Matrix lies in its modularity. Users can mix and match these devices to create a charging setup that meets their specific needs. For example, you can wirelessly recharge your phone and power bank simultaneously by slotting the Power Bank into your Charging Dock or Car Mount. On the other hand, if you’re traveling and need a quick top-up for your Apple Watch, you can detach the compact Matrix USB-C Apple Watch Charger and connect it to your Charging Dock when you get home, creating a 3-in-1 wireless charging station.

Additionally, when you’re on the go and require a portable charging station, the power bank can be used to power up the wireless charger, transforming it into a 2-in-1 charging solution that ensures you never run out of battery power.

Pricing, availability, & final thoughts

As I have been stating, since this is so modular, there are different price points for each setup. You can purchase each product individually or buy the Martix 3-in-1 charging station for the full setup, or even get something in between. But the Matric ecosystem is available today with pricing ranging from $49.99 for the 5000mAh battery bank and up to $129.99 for the Matrix 3-in-1. You can get three different products for the price of one Matrix 3-in-1.

Lastly, I am just a fan of companies going outside the box to provide a reliable charging solution that can do more than just one function. The modularity and customization of the Matrix ecosystem are what sets it apart from the other more generic 3-in-1 charging solutions on the market.

What do you think? Is this something you would use? What type of charger do you currently use? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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