iOS 17 DockKit API integrates camera apps with motorized stands

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iOS 17 DockKit API integrates camera apps with motorized stands

While iOS 17 may not seem like a huge update, the new version comes with some interesting new APIs. One of them is DockKit, which will allow accessory manufacturers to integrate motorized iPhone stands with camera apps, opening up new possibilities for creators and filmmakers.

DockKit API

The new iOS 17 API was demonstrated at one of the WWDC 2023 sessions. What it does is integrate motorized stands with the system, so that camera apps can control the movements of the stand. In one of the examples shown by Apple, the iPhone camera follows a person or object moving the motorized stand in 360 degrees.

“Your app can automatically track subjects in live video across a 360-degree field of view, take direct control of the stand to customize framing, directly control the motors, and provide your own inference model for tracking other objects,” the company explains.

Using the Vision framework, which uses algorithms and machine learning to detect things like faces, landmarks, text, and objects, developers can customize the behavior of the integration with the motorized stand. For example, the app can let the user choose to track the face of a person or an animal.

Apple points out that the new DockKit API has many uses beyond video capture. This includes fitness, enterprise, education, and healthcare.Another cool example shown in the WWDC section is an app that moves the motorized stand according to the user’s hand movements.’

iOS 17 has new DockKit API to integrate camera apps with motorized iPhone stands

Another cool thing about DockKit is that it works with any apps using iOS’ native camera API. This means that most apps won’t need to be updated to take advantage of this new feature. But of course, it requires compatible motorized stands.

More about iOS 17

iOS 17 comes with new features for iPhone users. This includes NameDrop, StandBy mode, more Lock Screen customization options, and a smarter keyboard.

The first beta of iOS 17 is now available to developers. Apple says a public beta will be available this summer, while the official release is expected this fall. More details on how to install the beta update can be found on the Apple Developer website.

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