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Spotify 'Offline Mix' in testing for downloaded tracks

Spotify has confirmed it is testing a new “Offline Mix” that gathers together all of your downloaded tracks into one playlist.

Offline storage has been an important part of Spotify and other services like it for quite some time. After all, being able to stream music when a signal is slim or nonexistent, like a flight, can be helpful for a huge number of reasons. But being limited to downloaded content means missing out on Spotify’s often useful “Mixes.”

That seems to be the goal of the new “Offline Mix” on Spotify, a new feature the company is testing that creates a new playlist using the content you’ve downloaded offline. This might include content from other playlists or albums that you’ve downloaded previously.

A tweet from Spotify CEO Daniel Ek shows this new mix in action, with this particular example showing over 3.5 hours of content.

Notably, YouTube Music has offered its “Offline Mixtape” since 2019 while also offering “Smart Downloads,” which can automatically store new music offline to keep your library fresh even when you don’t have a good connection.

As spotted by TechCrunch, this new “Offline Mix” in Spotify already seems to be out in the wild, but early results are mixed. One user claims that most of the songs in their mix haven’t been downloaded to their device, which obviously makes the feature much less useful.

It’s also unclear if this feature will come to free users. Spotify’s free tier currently only allows podcasts to be downloaded, with playlist/album downloads exclusive to Premium subscribers.

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