I’d buy Apple Vision Pro just to watch sports, and I will

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Apple Vision Pro NFL

I’m a simple man, I like sports. All sports really, balls, wheels, bats, clubs, you name it. If it’s competitive and can be scored, I’ll watch it. There are a few sports that I’m truly passionate about, and there are a few sports that I have been longing to see plastered over my face in immersive augmented reality, an itch that the Apple Vision Pro looks finally set to scratch when it comes out next year. 

At WWDC 2023 Apple unveiled its stunning new Vision Pro headset. There’s a lot to marvel at, from watching movies in awesome environments with a 100ft screen, to work and collaboration using Microsoft Office with a keyboard, trackpad, and FaceTime. But there was one standout feature at the keynote that I think deserves to be shouted from the rooftops. As Disney CEO Bob Iger took to the stage to celebrate Disney 100, he revealed a mind-blowing keynote trailer showcasing Disney’s vision for what content could look like on Apple Vision Pro, most notably, live sports. 

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